Which is the best 3D animation software?

I am in search of the best 3 D animation software. I am trying to make an animation but I can’t find the right animation software. I have been searching this for past 2 weeks and I could not find. Can anyone suggest me the best 3 D animation software?

There is no best animation software.
They all have good and bad things, especially in 3D.
They all have different commands, views, workflow…
Start from the basics, learn concepts before to “invest” time and money in a specific soft.
But I would recommend Blender, free, open-source and complete :wink:

try with blender?

I also recommend Blender.

Advantages: A good workflow. Many shortcuts you should get to know, but that makes the work with a little bit of experience flowing. A large number of features. Open Source and free (thanks God for Ton Roosendaal)!

… and many tutorials, as well as large and many communities for help

Top 3D Animation Software:-
Adobe Animate
Autodesk 3D Max
Autodesk Maya
Lightwave 3D

I am sharing a link, where you can get full information related to top best 3D animation software.