Where's the Import option


I’m using .64.0 on a Windows 8 machine and can’t find the File -> Import option. My computer is set to German (so the program defaulted to German… but that’s a problem for another thread) but there’s no Import option under File, just an Open option. Whenever I try to open a JPG or BMP through that I get a “file not well-formed” error message.

Any idea what that is all about?

I’ve been creating files with Inkscape and Photoshop and both give me the same error.


You’ll find it there:

Currently, Synfig Studio with cario engine only supports PNG file for import function.

“Open” won’t work for PNG, JPG, BMP or any other image file format. Use “Import” instead.

The toolbox “File” doesn’t have an import option, you have to choose “File” on the Canvas. It’s a tiny little buttom on the upper left corner, right below the “toggle position handles” button.