Where I've been *UPDATE*

Hey, everyone! :wave:t5:
It’s been a while since I’d posted anything. I’m just here to tell you that I’m still here and I haven’t left you guys.

I had been going through some mental issues on my behalf and its been impacting me negatively with my animations, art, music, writing, etc. It even got to the point of me wanting to end my life.

I’m slowing recovering. Not sure when I’ll get back to where I left off, but we’ll just wait and see what happens. It’s been a hard long excruciating 9 months because the obsessive thoughts prevented me from doing what I love and accomplishing my dreams.

I’ll keep you guys updated on what’s going. But for now, only time will tell.

See you guys then! :slight_smile:


@Vinny58 - welcome back and get well soon :smiley:


Me: Opened this post expecting maybe new cool artwork/animation
Me: instead this post just went in a completely different direction

the title sure is heavy

Hi @Vinny58
Glad to have you back and posting here again. Synfig community’s here for you <3 <3 <3
Be strong.

BTW, sorry I could only write out what went in my head the first time I read through your post. Please don’t be offended by my internal monologue above because this is not something I’ve been personally exposed to. Again I wish you well. Rooting for you!!!


Welcome back among us!
It is nice to see that you are able to share your issues with our community and their impacts.
I mean some just come to throw a post without any interaction with the other members, you in the contrary you open your soul.
I personaly had some bad times in my life and with the last two years of pandemia I have seen many affected with dark ideas, more than ever.
The key is talking about it (what you do), having a “program”, doing some exercise* and not only count on time and medication :slight_smile:
For example, you could make an animation telling your experience.
We don’t need to be superhumans, just being human is sufficient :slight_smile:

*: The brain works be better when properly oxygenated, more prone to think positive and about something creative, staying without physical exercise makes it run in “low consumption”, low thinking, without expectations and just wanting to end a tasteless time…
Doing sports (mostly biking in the woods) helped me a lot in hard times


Thnx @BobSynfig, I’ll keep that in mind!

*Hi, guys!
Just a quick update for you all on my mental issues:
My anxiety has improved, but only to a slight degree. I had been thinking about going back to drawing recently, but I’m still being pulled away.

I have started doing some meditations recently, but I’m struggling to visualize a positive outcome because I still fear that something may still be lurking. I would like to speak more about my problems, but I don’t feel comfortable sharing stuff on the internet.

Hey @Vinny58 there’s a cool game called “Kind Words” if you want to let out your problems to the world and still be safe.

I’ve tried the game back when it came out on itch.io website. Got beautiful comforting responses to my own messages/problems I sent out. I haven’t played that game for about a year now but I can still see the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

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Meditation is a very good habit.

Proper sitting (Lotus position or tailor position if your knees are not so flexible) for better breathing.
After, don’t try to visualize especially in the beginning.

My best advice: listen to rythmic pulsating music with predictable patterns structure which permits to “synchronize” the brain - yeah Goa is the best for this!
Just focus on the music.
And above all, listen to it in a good place, watching beautiful landcape, I was doing it often sitting on a rock here when I was in France.

Some of the CDs I own:
Hallucinogen - Twisted [FULL ALBUM]
Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger [FULL ALBUM]
Astral Projection -Trust In Trance- ( 𝑭𝒖𝒍𝒍 𝑨𝒍𝒃𝒖𝒎)ᴴᴰ HQ
Astral Projection - Trust In Trance 2 [Full Album]

Some titles refer to illegal drugs, I don’t recommend usage of any them, neither illegal NOR legal (medical drugs, alcohol) - but chocolate.
Substances of any type only “mask” the problems and never treat them.
Your brain can produce what it needs, without any risk of addiction. :wink:

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*So, current update right now, my computer died two weeks ago.
It may be a while before I can get back to animating.