When Windows binaries will be there for .64?

Can anyone tell me? After last accident… Well, I just don’t like ducks anymore (I’m quite familiar with handles, anyway). I’d like to also test all new features.

I could probably build them myself, but I’m not masochist to even try to setup proper GCC build environment on Windows. Some people in the community clearly are since there are Windows builds AT ALL, so I’d like to ask those to build Synfig for me (don’t care if it comes with installer or not, for me it can be even zipped up).

For the moment, it is only Pixelgeek who is working on that. Not an easy task though.

Thanks. Yeah, I’d build Synfig myself, but as I said, I’m not masochist to try to setup building environment (at least gcc one) on Windows.

I don’t blame you. I can only do the masochism in small amounts. But I am still chipping away at it. I just got back from a business trip, and hope to spend some more time looking at this this weekend.

OK, just don’t force yourself. While I WANT those be ready as soon as possible, I can wait. Also, while you’re at it, could you also try to make dev build? I’d like to check fixed Cairo engine.