What was your first animation?

I have cold feet - I have a lot of excitement to animate something but get frozen or intimidated when all these ideas rush in. What did some of you do to break the Animator’s Block? What were your first animations?

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Hi, good day. my first atemps of animations was some aimated gifs loop like 4 or 6 frames XD but If you are talking about animation with sound and all that, I think tha this is the first one:

https://www.deviantart.com/lobozamora/art/Flash-1-de-EL-CHEY-26963981 It was made it with flash in 2002, atfer that I try with other one but not do more, until 2011

I make this other on using flash agian, I start to work in another project of colas but in that days SOPA, PIPA, ACTA laws try to destroy internet then I start to use Linux and Synfig, since that year I make more things but just animated loops, I was of the mentality that to be an animation I had to be drawn in a traditional way by drawing each frame, but almost a decade has passed and I have not done anything remarkable, because a few months ago I decided to do animation, one of the main Problems that I have always had is that I don’t have the idea of what I want, or if I have the idea I have no one to do the voices and the quality of the animation that I would like requires a lot of work, So at the moment I only decided to make Animated Memes, because it is easier to just focus on making the animation, it is practical and you don’t have to worry about the ideas or the audio.

If what you want is to do animation then, start doing animations, you do nothing with having all the theoretical study of the world if you never put it into practice, and in the real world learn to do things by doing them.

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Firstly, Micky mouse is my first animation which I make in 5 days. That’s really tough to make this. Now, I make different types of animations such as whiteboard video animation, typography, logo animations, etc. I learn animation when I was 15 years old. I am fully expert in 2D and 3D Animations.

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This is my first animation in Synfig, I have some experience in Inkscape. I use Inkscape to create art and then animate them in Synfig.

I will post my all further animation on:

Hope you like the animations.

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