What the current situation on synfig (Among other things)

I had finish my 3rd year of collage, and have enough c++ experience to consider to be a “professional”. Frankly I have only lurk around this place from time to time, and frankly the fact that it hasn’t gain any kind of popularity is somewhat disturbing to me.

So, here are the following questions:

Why are you guys still using the autotools? You should made the conversion to cmake years ago. You’re limiting the tools that a window developer can used for developing synfig. Using Cygwin, is just putting a band aid to the problem.

What’s the current status of the open source anime project? It’s been development for years, (more than the typical development time) and yet it still hasn’t been released. If you want popularity, you need to show what it can do it terms of the final results.

maybe because the dev’ team actually mostly use gnu/linux like platform ?

Mainly we devellop synfig in spare time … we could have done the conversion … in any case we should have done.

The project is free software / open sources … i do’nt think we are limiting something like that… you want to use cmake … you are free to use it / convert the project / share your results. It that the spirit of free software (by the way, in your school did you learn about this side of computer science ?)

V 1.0 has been released a few weeks ago… what is a typical developement time ? what is a typical project ? what is a typical team ?

All that to say … if you want to help the project … you are welcome ! ! !

A good place to start : Cmake forum result

So what? You guys are developing synfig to have cross-platform support, which include windows. You should not be using auto-tools if you’re planning to do so. Otherwise, you might as well stick to unix-based OS variants

Is that your way of saying “I don’t wanna”? You not making any sense with that sentience.

Irrelevant, the project status has nothing to do with it.

You’re going off a tangent there.

Is English not your native language? I said open source anime project, I’m not referring to synifg here.

I’m really apologize to interfere you both. It seems this thread kinda heating up a little bit.

If you asking for their anime project, which is Morevna Project, you may check the website. Kinda updated but not so frequently. Probably to avoid potential spoilers (they’re making episode 4 right now). I’ll just drop it here :

Morevna Project

And you may could ask for some suggestions in there i suppose. I did post a few comments in his just updated blog posts and he replied, although sometimes with a gap of few days. Maybe he’s really busy.

Again that’s all, nothing more. I won’t bother you both and just leave slowly now…

Cheers … :unamused: