What do you like most about Synfig?

I’ve beem using Synfig for just a couple of weeks, but I like it a lot. I think it’s good to let the developers know their work is totally appreciated (in addition to donations of course).

To me the best feature so far is ability to split the project into sub-canvases, and easily implement independent animation of blinking eyes and talking mouth.

what do you guys like most?

For me it’s definitely Converters. It adds a huge potential to the program. You can automate certain animations, create cool effects, make semi-3D objects and even implement lacking functionality (e.g. Particle template). I actually regret not paying attention in math class back when I was in school.

Oh, and also, sif format. It’s a plain XML and you can easily script it outside Synfig using Perl, Python or whatever language you prefer.