What about NON-vector 2D animation open-source software?

Hi. I’m new to Synfig. Actually I have some ideas for 2D animation and I’m still in the process of figuring out what software to use. I’d like to keep it open-source, because that’s just how I roll.

Here’s the thing - I’m not so interested in vector-based artwork or animation. I want what I create to have a more organic, analog feel. I was watching some Ren & Stimpy clips on YouTube the other day and got to thinking how much more I love that hand-drawn style than the vector look of today’s toons.

What’s the best way to get this look? Can it be done with Synfig? If not, what software do I need? Obviously I would need a tablet, and backgrounds would need to be painted and scanned in separately. Any ideas?

You might want to try Pencil, or maybe ktoon. They have more of a “draw each frame” focus.

If you find any more, please list them here:


Take a look at this, for example:


That was made (by Akhil) using synfig for the animation, and bitmaps prepared in The Gimp. Synfig will animate and distort bitmaps just as well as vectors.

To see how it’s done, extract these files and open in synfig: