Welcome Screen for Synfig

I think Synfig should have a welcome screen of its own to direct new users to get started with synfig. It can even direct new users to all the necessary links. And it should have a check box to dismiss and never show again.
Something similar to like this.

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I like the idea if others like it as well I think it would be cool for me to work on it, if no-one else does xD. Let’s see what others think.


I support this.
I would even remove separate entries in Menu->Help and combine everything in “About Synfig Studio” entry.


This drawing is awesome

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The screen looks very cool!
I think it would be nice to integrate into Synfig’s main screen (it should be visible when all files are closed) -

Similar screen shown in Krita when it is started -

I think it would be nice to have welcome screen shown instead of new document.

But the thing is different people use different layouts of Synfig. Unless the integrated welcome screen is responsive and resizes itself to different layouts, it could defeat the purpose of having a welcome screen.

I belive @KonstantinDmitriev means the main window, that one with main menubar (even if it is invisible due user settings).

Yeah, I think he means more like start here page of CodeBlocks