Weird text transformation issue

I was just playing around with some text in synfig v 1.4.2 in windows 10 21h1. And while animating a text using transformation, I found that when I preview the file, the animation seems shaky. You can check it out yourself. text.sifz (1.3 KB)

I don’t know why that occurs, but it seems that Synfig text layer hasn’t been ported to new engine. (I don’t know exactly), maybe we can expect fix in the coming release.

I’m working on it (Actually I already did it here on my PC).
I’m waiting some guidance on Arabic writing to finally support those languages (Hebrew, Tamil, etc.)
to make some possible changes after these tips, and the I’d make a PR to Synfig.

However, it won’t be on 1.4.2 release neither 1.4.3 (very unlikely). It will be on the next dev release…that should be build after 1.4.3 release.

I didn’t check if it fix your issue though. (it works great :slight_smile: )

For me whenever I’m using text for my animations, I make them in Sketchpad and save them as a png, because when I use the text tool in Synfig, it makes the animations play really slow. :confounded: