Weird problem with polygon tool.

I’m currently trying to do is draw over a picture to create a background. While trying to draw a shape with the polygon tool, a point I’m trying to draw will randomly connect to another duck even if I didn’t mean for it to. When this happens the polygon remains unfinished and if I try to undo the mistake it instead undoes the last polygon I drew. This seems to proceed the program crashing altogether, but not always.

Is this problem unique to me? I haven’t had it in the past, so it seems kind of weird that it has suddenly started without any discernible reason.

It is difficult to reproduce the problem here. Can you reproduce it consistently? Do you do something extra with the mouse (click and drag for example)?
Also Synfig Studio version and operating system might help a bit.

I’m running Windows 7, 64-bit and using version 0.63.00 of Synfig.
Here’s a picture of what happened (it’s a little squashed in order to fit the size requirements).

For the time being this may be a moot point though since apparently I can finish the polygon by clicking on the original duck and then undoing the whole thing. Previously I had only tried clicking on the create button and that didn’t seem to work.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be anything in particular that I’m doing to cause it. For the most part it strikes at random.

If the problem is unique to me, now that I’ve got a work-around it’s just a mild inconvenience. Although somebody who’s a good artist and is working on something much larger might find it more annoying.

I can’t give you any clue. I’ve tested Polygon tool in a Windows XP 32 bits and works fine here. I can understand that problem happens consistently but happen randomly confuses me.

Well, I guess the problem is unique to me. Maybe it’s some software conflict that only I would create?

Whatever it is, if it only affects me, then there’s no reason for programmers to waste their time trying to solve it. For the time being I can work around it without too much of a hassle. I was worried that it was a symptom of something deeper, but it seems that that isn’t the case.

Thanks anyway for looking into the problem! It’s always wonderful when complete strangers from across the globe spend some of their free time trying to help me. I’m thankful for such assistance, and every bit of information helps!

On an unrelated note, the background I’m working on at the moment is starting to look pretty presentable. For a guy that hasn’t tried his hand at art since 2001, things are going much better than one could reasonably expect during a summer that breaks 103°F (39.4°C) on a regular basis. Hopefully I’ll soon be at a place to ask for help in regards to dealing with actual animation and art, and not just learning the software.

For that time, you’ll be welcome as well :slight_smile: