weird crashing

:question: Not sure if I’m in the right forum, but I’ll ask the question anyway.

I’ve been trying some of the animation tutorials that were suggested to me in this forum, and when I’m about halfway, through, Synfig crashes. I’ve tried restarting, I’ve tried re-installing, I’ve tried starting the projects over from scratch, but everytime it crashes.

Anybody got any ideas or suggestions? It’s starting to irritate me since I’m new to Synfig and am trying to get some practice in.

Thanks for the help.

Hello and welcome!

It’s hard to say why Synfig is crashing on you without some more information. What system are you on; Linux or windows? Are Synfig crashing on a specific task or is it randomly crashing? etc.

Also it would be good that you paste all the information that comes from the console (terminal) when it crashes. In any of both cases try to run synfigstudio by the command line instead of the menu, to let the console or the terminal alive after the crash.
Also it is important for us to try to reproduce the bug if it is related to a particular file and the version of Synfig that you’re using.

We strongly recomend to install the latest released version and if it still crashing install the latest snapshot. See the download page.

If in windows, please don’t loose this thread:



Thanks for the tips. G, turns out I totally missed the dual-core crashing issues and the fix. Installed one of the CPU controller programs and so far it has fixed the issues.

Sorry for the dumb mix-up. I do appreciate the quick replies. I like the forums where folks are quick to help one another.