Weighted average

I’ve been plying with the Weighted Average convert type and I don’t understand how does it work.

It seems odd to me that being such complex convert type it is a invertible convert, that is reverse manipulation is not forbidden.

So I wanted to know how does it work and so I created a simple example. I have created a polygon and a circle. Then I converted the Circle’s center to a Weighted average convert type. Later I added more entries to the convert type (initially there is only one entry). I have converted each weighted average entry into composite, to make it possible edit the subparameters. Then I connected each vertex of the polygon with the Link subparameter of the weighted average entries.

Also I needed to change the weight from each weighted average entry from 0.0 to 1.0 to allow it be useful.

The result is a circle that is placed automatically on the weighted average of the polygon vertexes.

The surprise came (and that’s why I don’t understand) when I move the circle’s origin the polygon follows. But even if the weights are not all 1.0. The request here is that the reverse movement were proportional to that weights, in the same way they are influent to the final position of the circle. Currently, the reverse manipulation is direct, with a constant weight of 1.0 for all the elements.

See Attached file:
average.sifz (990 Bytes)