Wedding Animation Video: hoping for help

Hi folks

You may have seen me on the introductions tab. I’m aiming to create an animated video for my fiancée as a wedding present. I’ve been working on getting to grips with Synfig, but I’m quickly realising that the complexity of what I want to do, whilst probably routine for regularson here, is beyond my abilities. I’d be interested in talking to someone who would possibly be able to work with me; I have a very clear “storybaord” in terms of what needs to happen in the video, and would be able to provide all of this. The video is aiming to run about 4:10, with pre-existing music, so no need for additional audio.

I’m not sure if this forum allows for private messages, so if someone can confirm this I’m happy to leavemy e-mail address for anyone who is interested to get in contact.


4 minutes of animation is quite a lot, especially if you want something complicated, not a simple slideshow…