website: ES homepage is different from the others?

The homepage of the synfig in spanish displays some news, while it does not in other languages. could you please make it homogeneous?

Nice to see new languages flags popping up in the website (russian, german, chinese,…) ! cool! I just would like to hide these flags until (at least) the homepage is translated in these languages, this does not prevent from translating content and menus from the backend (done by “de-activating” the language in joomfish… not deleting it!)


I’ve noticed that too. I swera I haven’t done anything for that and also I notice that it happens sometimes and sometimes not (and I open the website always with Spanish as default language).

I still seeing the flags. Maybe it is the browser cache.

Actually you set the intro menu in EN to point to a single article (namely intro article), while the inicio menu in ES was pointing to the frontpage section blog.
I changed the EN menu to point to frontpage section blog (i.e.>change type)… so that 2 important news can be highlighted easily. If you prefer having a short and neat homepage, feel free to change its settings to map your wish… but it needs to be done in all languages manually (pain in the…)

I didn’t want to de-activate the languages without your permission… so it’s done now.

By the way: would you have time to install this additional plugin (or an alternative) that could translate automatically the articles/menus/categories, etc…? … ions/10041

I have no clue about security / bugs there, but we (translators) could still provide manual translation for important news… while the rest of the content would be translated automatically.