We need a new building methoid on windows now!

I can not stress this enough; the current building method sucks and the files are messy and the building process is long and time consuming. I need badly need help on building synfig using an code block or an free IDE program. I can’t figure out how to get it to find the files that is looking for.

Requesting the same thing again doesn’t make us work on that direction more than now. There is only a few Winodws users in the Synfig community and only a small portion of them build Synfig under windows. Consider that people that have a linux box cannot help you in any way because to build Synfig under windows you neeed windows, obviously.

Instead of continuously complain on that, start to contribute to make it possible:

  1. Ask in Code Block forums.
  2. Post there the messages that it brings.
  3. Open a thread here showing your research and invite other windows users to follow your steps and try to help you on that task.

On the other hand, ¿What’s exactly wrong with the current windows build method? ¿Why don’t you post detailed problems you have to allow others to help you to use the current script? Maybe together you can find an alternative way (with code blocks or using the current script) to build synfig under windows in an easier way.

Please add, don’t subtract.

I do not know if it is useful!
But linux Ubuntu Desktop as the chance now to be able to install on Windows thanks to 'exe Wubi beginning in windows! Also be installed in a partition with Windows … you can use software available for linux and cinelerra as Rhitmbox and beyond what Synfig is native in Gnome … should at least try to “say”! donations or aid in Linux agree to pay more than the windows for Synfig in my opinion and then as the system is very convenient!