Waypoints with invalid time variable being created for unknown reason


I was in the process of creating an animation in Synfig when this morning my project refused to start up. Upon examining it as an xml, it turned out that a large amount of waypoints (5347 to be precise) had been scattered across the timeline with strange time values (e.g. time=1.58333325 or time=41.10189056). The majority of these values appear to be close to a frame (I’m using 24 fps) but are slightly off. This is additionally strange considering in my animation I took care to only have my keyframes on 0, 6, 12 or 18 frames and all of these waypoints are at other points (9f, 17f, etc.)
The only actions that I had taken related to the intervening frames was to occasionally move a keyframe back and forth (this was to ensure that all values of the objects had a waypoint on that keyframe, which was important at one point).
While debugging it turned out that these keyframes were the ones causing warnings and due to the excessive number of them they caused my Synfig project to fail to load with the message “Too many warnings”.
Is there some bug related to keyframe movement that I’m unaware of, or is there something else to avoid doing to insure that these invalid waypoints don’t appear again? I have attatched the invalid file as well as my cleaned version (where I regex’d all the invalid keyframes out). I can attach my props as well if anyone wishes to open up the project in Synfig Studio

Thanks in advance,

synfig files.zip (1.2 MB)

Edit: It turns out that the first couple waypoints (I assume due to length extension at the beginning) were shifted off of 0/6/12/18f. Still doesn’t give an explanation as to why that lead to thousands of invalid waypoints, though.