Waypoints: what could be the future of...?

Added #262 “Edit waypoint with double-click” and #763 “Show summary of all waypoints for current layer”.

@KonstantinDmitriev I have gone through all the issues mentioned here and selected most of them to work upon during project period. Additionally I have also added some more possible ideas for editing waypoints like “on clicking the waypoint, layers get to the state of that frame”.
PS- Just a polish required in draft.

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@yshkp Thank you for keeping me updated! Please feel free to send me proposal draft as soon as it will get initial polishing. I will be happy to review. :slight_smile:

@KonstantinDmitriev I also checked that there are many broken links of the issues in the top post.

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@yshkp I have fixed all links. Please check if everything works now. :slight_smile:

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@KonstantinDmitriev Yes, now it’s fine.
One suggestion regarding multi-waypoint deleting: Can we extend the feature of the box that I am gonna build in the project to use in deleting waypoints also using delete button after selecting waypoints?

That’s possible, but I afraid you will hit a “keyboard shortcut scope” issue - see bugs #257 #292 and #303.

See also my comments here - https://github.com/synfig/synfig/issues/629#issuecomment-471030956

As a workaround we can use some other key, not Delete.

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@KonstantinDmitriev Oh yes , I just made an instance of delete key, my main doubt was regarding the concept of deleting waypoints. We can make any other key to use this. If you allow me I can also add this idea in my draft.

@yshkp Please add everything you have in mind - we can refine that in discussion :slight_smile:

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@KonstantinDmitriev I don’t see any use of time track panel in parameter dock. As we already have separate time track panel which is more clear and precise.

@yshkp Yes, the timetrack in Parameters Panel is mystery covered by darkness - it was existing there since the time when Synfig was opensourced by original developers. Maybe that is a trace of incomplete development or maybe its opposite - they haven’t removed it when separated it to dedicated panel… It’s hard to tell.

But you right - it has no use as of the moment. :slight_smile:

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@KonstantinDmitriev That’s why I also included the idea of removal of that timetrack from parameters panel in my proposal as it is of no use right now and also looks vague.

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Or maybe it was just a clue about which parameter had waypoints set, from the time panels where floating around…


Yeah I’ve always thought that.

Added issue for static intervals feature - https://github.com/synfig/synfig/issues/790