Waypoints already exists...

When rescaling animation waypoints are relatively moved so they often end up on fraction of frames. When clicking on one of these it snaps to nearest frame.
If one has already created new waypoints at that frame the old waypoint is snapped to this same frame and we end up wih (lots of) error messages like this in opening the file:
“* /home/david/SparkleShare/d-repo/WORK-local/1201_bjorn-show/001_ANIMATION/bjorn_2.1.sifz::6296: A waypoint already exists at this point in time”
There is no string “6296” at all in the sif xml, neiher does it reference to a line number, so I can’t find out at which frame or which wapoints is clashing without manually checking them all…

Anyone got a solution for this?

I have a new feature request from it… (Snap to frames)

I don’t have a solution for this but, can you write down the smaller recipe to obtain the same error?
Reproducing the error might help us to figure out one solution.

I suspect that the 6296 corresponds to the line number in the code that generates the error, not the line number in the sif file. i.e. 6296 => line 185 in waypointadd.cpp
synfig.git.sourceforge.net/git/g … a5;hb=HEAD