Walk and time loop


I’m having some issues with the time loop and can’t see what’s the problem :frowning: . I have created a walk in 24 frames (12 frames per step). 24f is a duplicate of 0f. Then I added a time loop. But when I render it, the character make a weird movement around frame 24. I tried to change the loop to 23f and 24f but it doesn’t work :frowning: . Any ideas how to improve it?

I’m attaching the sifz file.

050.sifz (21.1 KB)

The walk loop had two main problems:

  1. You animated the duration in the Time Loop layer. That would create crazy things! :slight_smile:
  2. The cycle has to be double and you loop just a half of it. If not the loop is not smooth in the transition.

Here is the corrected file:050-bis.sifz (22.3 KB)


Thank you!