Wacom bamboo tablet freezes on synfig

Hey i just got synfig and whenever i try to use my tablet the cursor freezes but still lets me draw in a strange way. The cursor stays still but it still lets me blindly draw. i can’t change any setting with the tablet either. (it says the tablet is a device still???) I really wanted to use this program but its giving me some trouble obviously. well if there is any solution please tell me! :smiley:

Have you tried to use your wacom with Gimp or Inkscape? Synfig should use same device drivers.
What’s your operating system and Synfig Studio version?

GIMP works just fine with my tablet. My operating system is a 64 bit windows 7 computer. my version of synfig is synfig studio 0.64.1

after i loaded up gimp synfig started working again! Thanks for telling me about the drivers! ^.^