Viewing objects outside the camera frame

I am creating a short animation in which objects start outside the camera frame and travel into the frame. I’m trying to find a way to view the objects when they are outside the camera frame so that I can easily select them and edit their starting sizes and positions, etc.

I’ve tried all the canvas options and preferences settings that I can find, I’ve googled the subject using various key phrases and I’ve searched this forum without success. The only similar topic I can find is this one from 2016, but there is no help there.

I’m using Synfig 1.2.2 on Windows 7. Any help or workarounds you can suggest will be deeply appreciated.

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As far I as know, there’s no such functionality.
You can group all layers and then scale it down using ‘Group Transformation’ widget to see all objects. After you make additions to your animation, scale it back to normal.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Before I saw your reply it occurred to me that I can increase the size of the canvas to see all objects, arrange the animation and then reduce the canvas again before rendering. I will try both techniques and see which works best for me.

Many thanks!

See also here

Thanks, Bob! The zoom layer mentioned there looks like the best solution yet. :slight_smile: