Video export?

I’m new to synfig and i’m wondering if it’s possible to export synfig animations as a video file?


Synfig will export in various formats.

please review the following located in the Wiki:


for exporting video on Windows it’s probably the best to choose “auto” and type file extension “avi”?

I tried this with quality and anti-aliasing settings to the highest value. I thought that would produce a perfect quality:
But it brings a real low quality video, with lots of fractals at the border of my character (the simpson character based on pngs from the “cut out tutorial”)…what can I do to get better results?

Actually I thought I could get video quality for professional production, but with the fractals it’s of course not usable.

(Do I need to export single image files and combine them in a video editor? Would be possible but not very convenient :wink: )

Try to not choose auto but choose ffmpeg. Then it will be available a button on the right to pass extra parameters to ffmpeg (video codec and bit rate) and so obtain less artifacts.

The quality and antialiasing values gives you better image rendering but once you pass it to the library that compiles it to a avi, it can ruin the extra quality images produced because it compress the video with loose compression type.

The best is to render to png sequence and combine it using a video editor or many of the small applications that converts a image sequence to a video. They do a better job in your operating system.


Thank you for your reply.
I tried “custom” and wrote avi for the video codec and set the bitrate…but it says "unknown encoder ‘avi’ "

…do I need to install a special video-codec-thingy first?

What’s wrong with the video codecs presets?

No, they are fine, but when I choose “ffmpeg” and then “custom codec” and enter the ending “.avi” it says “unknown encoder .avi”.

Or can I not save as avi? I thought this would create the best quality.
…If avi is not possible, I will try the other codecs from the dropdown and make some demo renderings for comparison.

avi is not a codec, it is a container. Container is defined by file extension.

Ok I see, so can I use any of the codecs from the dropdown in the “ffmpeg menu” and than just add “.avi” as a file extension to the filename?

I tried it now with avi AND also flv and mpeg and several codecs from the ffmpeg-dropdown and it says something like “the command “ffmpeg” is wrong written or could not be found”…I guess this is another problem then in my previous postings?!

Ffmpeg command line API changers frequently between its versions. That’s something we haven’t fixed it yet for all ffmpeg versions around. Please open a issue ticket if it is not opened yet.