Very impressive software

Hi, I’m a newbie. I don’t work in graphic design, but for quite some time now, I had been looking for some tool to easily create 2D cartoon-like animations.

Synfg is almost exactly what I was looking for. I’m quite impressed by the possibilities of this tool. I also like the “blender for 2D” idea. I think the quality of the resulting animation is also very good.

So far, I’ve been using Synfig to create very simple animations to illustrate the wikipedia page about “time travel” (see … om_fiction). Please feel free to improve those images if you’re interested.

I have other ideas of educational videos I would like to create, and thanks to this tool, I might be able to do it in a next future.

I regret however that this project is not part of other projects such as Inkscape or Gimp. To me, the particular aspects of synfig should be merged in one of these tools. Moreover, I think the interface should be more blender-like, since blender is just so great to use for animation (about IPO manipulation, for instance).

Anyway, that’s a great project.

Hi grondilu,
it is very pleasent listen your words and know about other uses of Synfig rather than a cartoon movie.
All the animations are good enough for the propose.
Thanks for the encouragement. I hope that soon we can talk about revolutionary Synfig’s UI :wink: but at the moment we need to work in small steps as the coder core team still very small.
Please ask here any question or doubt you have. We’ll try to help you as far as we know.


These are animations are great. What a brilliant way to use synfig. Be sure to post in the Finished Art forum when you do more.

Lol… Are you ironic or something ? That’s not very kind.

Well, I can’t speak for Ghosthand, but I’m pretty sure he was paying you a compliment. And I agree with him - using Synfig for animations on Wikipedia is a brilliant way to make Wikipedia better and advertise Synfig at the same time.

We’re a pretty friendly group here.


Ok I get it. Thanks. The thing is that I was almost ashamed of the design of characters (just simple rectangles and circles). But I guess it was actually a good idea to keep it simple.


Yes, I was paying you a compliment. You did a good job.

We don’t need to be Pixar or Dreamworks to create effective animation with Synfig. We all have dreams of creating full length animations with dozens of special effects. But most times it is the simple things that do a better job.

I think your characters are perfect because it allows the viewer to concentrate on what you’re trying to say, not how pretty everything looks.