Vertex in gradient no longer effective

For some reason one vertex has lost influence over a shape. I can’t find anything wrong with it. Can you? … ssues.sifz
It’s vertex 001 that doesn’t work anymore. Nothing happens with the shape when I manipulate vertex001.

Right click the Vertex 001 and Insert a “Set Active point as On” at frame 0f. For some reason there is a bug on the On/Off routine and it considers it as Off although there is not any Off waypoint.
Maybe it could be good to open a bug tracker with this file for further reminder.

Ah, thank you!

Can it be that I accidently set activepoint to off further on in the animation and there being no activepoint on existing before this the whole timeline gets affected?

I can’t find any indication on whether a vertex is on or off. Setting acrtivepoint gives a grey waypoint at the vertex but I can’t see what this waypoint represents. There are no activepoint channel.

I’ll formulate a bug report when I get some spare time. This should be two issues, right? Activepoint set to off and activepoints not indicated?

Just write the bug report indicating that vertex 1 is not affecting the render when there is not any indication that it is off.
Let’s the person who board the bug find out how many bugs are there indeed :wink:

Ok. :slight_smile: