Vector parameter Power convert

I was wondering if I can convert a vector parameter to something similar to Power or like Scale but raising to a power instead of multiplying.

I need this to apply a scale value to a bunch of transformation parameter, while Scale works for offset and angle, the transform scale needs to be raised to a power rather than multiplied.

(I hope in my explanation there is no confusion by the transform vector parameter scale and the Scale convert type)

If I understand you correctly, you just convert the desired vector to ‘Scale’ first and then convert ‘Scalar’ parameter to ‘Power’.

hmm, it almost works.
So I’ve done like you said and connected the exponent to a library value.

The result is that it raises the base of the Power by its exponent but I need the x and y of the transform scale to have different base values

No problem. In this case convert the needed vector to ‘Composite’ instead of ‘Scale’. You will get two parameters called ‘X-Axis’ and ‘Y-axis’. From this point you can directly convert them to ‘Power’ and set their values separately.

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if the That does seem the way to make it work, though it triggers what a believe is a bug in synfig
when The Power value is 0 synfig crashes with

synfig-core/src/synfig/value.h:382 integer get_func == NULL
synfigstudio: synfig-core/src/synfig/value.h:384: const typename T::AliasedType& synfig::ValueBase::_get(const T&) const [with T = synfig::TypeAlias<double>; typename T::AliasedType = double]: Assertion `func != NULL' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

Gonna try to debug it

heh for now I’ve worked around it by adding and Add with a very small value