Vector animation wobbles during zoom animation

Finally got to use Synfig for an internal project. Super-easy to use (especially if you come from Flash background). Well done Synfig team!

When we animate a vector text it wobbles:
See here (Office2 text @3s+): Logo Animation

We generated a sif from Inkscape and checked that it was properly vectorized (otherwise would not have rendered). We tried all versions of Cobra renderers in the options dialog … to no avail

Anyway we can set the tolerances of Cobra? That seems to be the issue but I don’t know enough about it yet.

I can’t view the video. Google Drive says it can be “parsed”.

Thanks @rodolforg
I uploaded over 1 hour ago. Should have been processed by now
Can you download it?

You mean that text layer, right?
I believe it’s a known issue :frowning:


Thanks for your reply
All text in this animation are vectorized (I checked myself the curves, no font rendering occurring)
If you notice, when the vector text moves R --> L, no wobble occurs. Only when we zoom in. Something else is going one

I tried playing with the rendered PNGs, I think the problem is there. Are they progressive / interlaced?

Here is another version of this same animation, but all PNGs (even text)
A bit better, but still broken. The rendering engine needs some rework. I don’t think Synfig is ready for primetime yet. This is a very basic animation and it’s failing

Link (you may need to download):

I tried adding anti-aliasing to the paths, same rendering issue. We are reverting back to Flash / CC.
Without a solid renderer or deeper access to renderer parameters, issues will be faced continuously.

Good luck to the community.

I did some testing.
It appears to me that Synfig does not like to zoom in on horizontal lines.
(focus on the black space between the boxes to see the wobbling)

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Thanks, that’s a great test. Indeed, has to do with zooming. When moving animation sideways all works well. I am guessing requires fixes to renderer

@ramez_rafla thank you for your report and @Estard for your testing file.

@blackwarthog , do you know how to fix it ? :slight_smile:

A test file. It behaves the same way in 1.2.2 and 1.3.13 (at least for me), so it isn’t a regression.

zooming.sifz (1.4 KB)


@rodolforg Can you please add a issue to github?

Thank you @rodolforg
Issue here:
I cloned the repo and can test once the changes have been applied

Big thanks to the community for moving fast on this

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@ice0 @rodolforg @blackwarthog
Sorry to be a bother, is there an ETA on the fix? I need to plan our production as we have other things to add to the animation while it is being fixed. That intro animation is the basis of other videos.

Happy to set a bounty if it would speed things up.

@ramez_rafla I’m not sure it will be fast. As a temporary workaround, you can try using the Super Sample layer on top of the Scale layer.

Thanks @ice0
Tried Super Sample, still see the wobble. :frowning:

@ice0 Update: with 6x6 anti-aliasing window for the Super Sample layer looks ok
Will do for now. Thanks so much!


For me it looks like a lack of motion blur in intermediate images, hence anti-aliasing helps.

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It seems to be a problem with antialiasing in Region/Outlne layers.
Supersample Layer helps, but in order to see changes on workarea it is required to set rendering quality to “Final”.

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