Varied colors in exported canvases

Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to independently change the colors of pasted canvases without affecting all the other instances.

These are 2 copies of a single canvas. I want to make another canvas with the same shape and timeline, but with different colors. Is there a way to do this? Perhaps the color value could be connected to a sort of metadata attached to each instance.

That feature isn’t available. Each exported canvas is unique and all the data inside is duplicated each time.

There is one alternative: don’t export the canvas but only the geometry. Unfortunately currently it needs to be done manually (there is not one automatic action to “clone” a layer).
What you have to do is:

  1. Select the layer you want to clone its geometry only
  2. Duplicate the layer
  3. Select both layers (original and duplicated)
  4. On the parameters panel go to the Vertex List (BLine) parameter and do right click and select “Link”
  5. Now you can:
    a) Move the cloned layer apart by its Origin
    b) Or translate it to other inline canvas and apply there any kind of effect/transformation.
    c) Change its other properties independently of the original layer (color, amount, feather, etc)

Unfortunately there is not automatic action to do that on a set of layers so it has to be done on each layer by hand.

There is one alternative to change the colors of the exported canvas instance but you don’t have too much control over it:

  1. Apply one Solid color onto the exported canvas and use one special blend method (screen, color, saturate, etc.)
  2. Apply one Filter layer over it: Distortion type, Color correction type, Blur, Gradient, Noise Distort, etc.
    The problem is that you need to apply it to the whole exported canvas.


Aww, ok. Hmm… Is it possible to duplicate things in the canvas browser?

For example, duplicating “bunny” and calling it “brown_bunny”, being able to edit it normally? Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

Canvas window is responsiveness.
You need to open the canvas in its own window and copy paste from there. Then once copied on a new Paste Canvas layer with inline canvas parameter export it to a new copy of the bunny.

Ah thank you so much! This should work fine.