Values don't update unless I mouse over them?

When I move around objects in the main window, often the coordinate values in the parameter panel stay constant and don’t refresh until I hover the mouse over the entry on the parameter panel.

I’m finding this quite annoying, but I’m not sure if it is intended behavior and/or can be changed somewhere?

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Seems its not only the numbers, but now I noticed the whole panel does this sometimes. Made a short video:

Ok seems for some reason I had version 1.5.1 installed, while the stable version is 1.4.2. Reinstalled and it’s working fine now.

Hi and welcome here.
It is clearly NOT the expected behavior.
Could you please give us the exact version of 1.5.1 that you used? (there are some out :P)

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I already uninstalled, but the title of the installation file is SynfigStudio-1.5.1-2021.10.21-win64-2cb6c.exe, hope all you need is in there.