UTF-8 in Text layers treated as a single-char encoding

Dear collegues,

Synfig is a great instrument I’d like to recommend to the users of my system (creation of animated logos, subtitiles, ads, etc). I just found a big disgrace inside Synfig, that can prevent it from using inside Russia (and other countries, too). In the forum, I found the discussion on Spanish characters in the Text layers. For Russian, the things are the same, and even worse.

Version: 1.2.0 32bit (latest for today). I didn’t test 64bit version.

I’m entering the Russian text. Using Arial font (that definitely has cyrillic characters) - I also tried other fonts with the same result. The preview animation looks awful. As Russian is UTF-8-encoded, every cyrillic letter is presented with 2 bytes (UTF-8). At the preview, each of these bytes are printed separately.

Please see the screenshot. At the back, under the Synfig window, there’s a UTF-8 encoded file in HEX editor with the same text (first 3 bytes are BOM). They are completely the same as at the Synfig preview. This means the Synfig doesn’t receive the text in UTF-8 at all, but renders it in ASCII/ANSI. Meanwile, the SIF files are in UTF-8, so it is a disaster.

This is a severe bug that will prevent any national languages from using with Synfig. Would you please study this (I guess, say, Konstantin Dmitriev could easily test this).

Tried version for Windows, 64bit - the same result. Note that I don’t need a Linux version (though may be it works…)

Text layer in Synfig is a mess, everyone knows about it.
It just seems, fixing the ‘Text’ layer isn’t a high priority for now.

I’d recommend you to post an issue on github: github.com/synfig/synfig/issues
This way you’ll actually reach some developers and maybe even get the things started.

Thanks Svarov,
This bug makes the great software useless for many serious applications - much more serious than simple cartoons…