Using VSCode as IDE?

I just like the simple, lightweight and extensible nature of VSCode. Mostly whatever I have learnt (Flutter, Python, Web development, PHP) I always have used it. So VSCode is lot natural to me.

New tools like GitHub Copilot are available as VSCode extensions, through which one can leverage these AI tools to work more productively.

I was wondering if anyone has used VSCode as their IDE for Synfig development, what features I would miss than using Netbeans IDE or QTCreator ?

Probably none.

Neither Netbeans nor Qt Creator are specific for Gtk/gtkmm/Synfig Studio at all.

So, go forward and, if not trivial and if you want, record how to set it up/use it for Synfig Studio in the dev-docs :slight_smile:

I was about to say that too xD. Personally, I prefer Qt Creator as I’m more used to it (it’s really great when working on qt applications).

But yes when it comes to using it for Synfig it feels like an advanced text editor lol. I build, run, and debug from the terminal independently of the IDE, although I’m sure you can configure Qt Creator to build, run, and debug as well if you’d like.

Yes, I do it :slight_smile: Via Autotools. But I’m maso.

oh god, I can’t Imagine xD.