Using Synfig on a PPC Machine Running Ubuntu

It is possible to use Synfig on a PPC G5. I wanted to share how. There should be additional slots for HD expansions. I purchased a serial ata drive, formated it with disk utility, then found a PPC port of Ubuntu 10.10 … k/release/

burned this onto disc and installed the software. As the installer boots up let go of the C prompt when you get Yaboot, it should automatically run, and you should not have to select anything. The first time I did this the fans did rev up as it initially booted up. Follow the install instructions. You may have to dig a bit to find it, but they do provide ports. It will set Yaboot as your boot loader. If you don’t like this just C prompt your original install disc that came with your computer select disc repair permissions then select the restart disc. This appears to reset firmware. I find using the alt option key when turning on the computer is easy, then select the linux HD. Although not necessary to run Synfig you may choose to go to System/Administrator/Synaptic Package Manager and select the Ubuntu Studio. The Kernel will not function correctly with a wacom tablet. This PPA solved my problem. … bamboo-pen
Make sure after to reinstall xserver-xorg-input-wacom and then reinstall wacom-dkms. Note, you will have to add this PPA to your update manager other software.

You will note you will also want to select Stylus and Screen with your wacom pen under input devices. This sets the device to pen mode. I hope this information may be useful to someone else. Its a long way around but gives you access to the repository and an incredible amount of useful software.