Using Pencil and Synfig in Same Production Workflow…

Hi, everybody:

This is what I have a question about. I have Synfig and Pencil as animation software. How do I import Pencil images into Synfig for further refinement? I want to create pencil tests in Pencil and fine-tune them in Synfig. I am aware of the Morevna Project and am inspired by it. I want to create my own professional-looking animation but do admit I am still a noob at Synfig and haven’t practiced much at it. Life gets in the way. :slight_smile: Any assistance would be helpful. Thanks! :smiley:

Yes, it’s possible. Export pencil animation as image sequence and import as such in synfig using .lst-file. Use this as a guide for your synfig animations.

OK. That should work. Thanks. I am using a Macintosh for this experiment that I want to do. Now, here is my next question. Where do I find the Nautilus scripts folder in OS X Lion to put the script in to make it executable after downloading it? I just ported Nautilus to my Mac with MacPorts.

Thanks again. :slight_smile: