Uploading SIF from inkscape but all images come out with

Im new to synfig and working through tutorials but have not found the solution to this specific issue Im having with a personal project. I have downloaded the extension to convert svg to sif and that is all good.
However, when I upload to singing I get certain aspects of the graphic cut off and is missing. Any ideas?

Did you check whether your image was to big for the canvas and needs to be scaled down to not get cut off?

Don’t use a script/extension.
Load your SVG in Inkscape and export it as SIF :wink:
Note: Some parts of the SVG could miss anyway

Yes, bobsynfig is right. Now, inkscape has native support for exporting to SIF file. Earlier, it required extension.:+1:

Thanks for the feecback… As per the feedback given here I did the following…

  1. removed the svg2sif extension
  2. resized the svg in inkscape

… unfortunately neither of these solutions worked… It gave me the exact same result… any other ideas?

Did your Synfig work area have the same area of your Inkscape document?

Something like this:

Hello Inkscape, and the vector program I use every day, I think I know the answer,

Before exporting to “sif” you must first convert your work from inkscape and then convert it.

So if you want to use your inkscape design elsewhere, on a browser for a SVG logo or here for synfig with SIF

you have to do this:
Rectangles, circles, stars and so on… geometric shapes must be converted into an object…

selecting your object > path > object on path

If you use lines:

select your line > path > path outline

Also do not use, blur (this is very misunderstood) by browsers or synfig, also the radial gradient.

there’s some blur included in the synfig software that’s really handy,

there may be some other function misunderstood but if so you have to manually dismember your image into small pieces to see how it is processed.

I hope this will help you.

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The whole image is destroyed always when i do it.