Unwanted layer duplicate appearing in rendered GIF

I’m a first-time user trying to make a fairly simple looping GIF. I’m finding that when I render my animation to a GIF, the output doesn’t match what’s in Synfig; there is an extra, static copy of one of my animated layers placed behind everything else. I have no idea why it’s there or where it’s coming from. If I add a background or render to a format that doesn’t support transparency like ffmpeg it’s not there, but I want the background to be transparent.

EDIT: It doesn’t show up here because the forum appears to add a background to it. Imagine another copy of the hands/blanket assembly behind everything that doesn’t move.


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Is it doing it with another version of Synfig?

Sorry for the delay–I see that I have the same issue with versions 1.2.2, 1.3.10, and 1.4.0.

My problem does look pretty much the same as the linked one. It looks buggy when I view it with my OS’s built-in image viewer or Pix, normal here and if I just view it with Firefox, and even more messed up on Discord. Whereas if I render to PNGs and rerender into a GIF with GIMP, it looks normal everywhere. So it seems like there is a problem with how Synfig renders GIFs.

Hi, @DarthMarth!

Where I can download pix?
Which OS you are using?

Does the problem looks like this?

I am using Linux Mint, which has Pix as a built-in tool. Its code is here: GitHub - linuxmint/pix: Image management application

Yes, that is exactly what it looks like for me.

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@DarthMarth ok, I found the problem. Fix will be available in version 1.4.2

Also I can test your file if you can share it.

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SophiaSleep.sifz (58.9 KB) Great! Here is the file.

Thank you!

Here is the result rendered on the new version of Synfig.
You can save it and check using Pix.


I have been working around it by exporting a PNG sequence and rendering the GIF with GIMP, but thanks–this will save me some trouble!

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The fix is shipped in Synfig Studio version 1.4.2 - Synfig Studio 1.4.2 released – Synfig