Unset default gradient

Is there a way to unset the default gradient so new gradients will use the stroke and fill colors again?

Hi faraway,

default new gradient uses the fill and outline default colors as start and end colors. Can you show us what are you obtaining different from that behavior?

Just change the default fill color on the toolbox and automatically the gradient start color will change.


First I select the colors. The default gradient changes with it (yay).

Next I draw the gradient onto the canvas.

I go to the gradient layer’s “Gradient” property.

Then I click “Set as Default” to keep the gradient colors for other gradients.

Everything is fine, until I want the default gradient colors the same as the fill and outline again.

I don’t know how to link the default gradient to the fill and outline colors, like they are initially. Thank you for the response.

Now I understand. It is not coded yet.
The “Set s default” button just copies the current edited gradient to the default gradient but there is no way to re-default the default gradient by using the current default fill and outline colors.

It would be something very useful to have.
I wonder where it can be placed:

  1. As contextual menu by right clicking on the default gradient widget.
  2. On the gradient editor dialog as “Restore from current default Outline and Fill colors” action.


Restarting Synfig Studio seems to work. A little inconvenient, but it works.