Unistalling Macports

Hi, giantspacebug. I did this for uninstall:
%% sudo port -f uninstall installed
But for theese:
uninstall macports.png

I don’t know how to do it. I don’t understand. Must I write all? in the same sentence? How can I do it?
HELP ME please :neutral_face:

Rafael, this forum is pruned after 3 months of activity. I think that this post will fit perfectly into the Building Synfig forum. I’m moving it.

hi i was able to copy and paste the commands into terminal. if you paste the commands without the %% in front it should work. That’s what i did. try without the %% and let us know what happened.

Thanks. I have do it. I think it’s uninstalled (You can see the terminal)

But now I have a problem with fink: You can see the terminal output. It says that I have not a compiler, but I have installed Xtools :open_mouth:
What do you think?
installing fink.zip (26 KB)
uninstalling macports.zip (16 KB)

Well, I bet you still have things in /usr/local you have to get rid of. You can probably just delete the whole directory.

Do a "ls -l which gcc" to see if that’s really using /usr/bin/gcc, which should be a link to gcc-4.2 or something. You may have to reinstall XCode.

I’d suggest sending email to the fink mailing list, or joining #fink on IRC.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, htodd. I reinstalled the Xtools. and I’ve installed fink. But finkCommander does not work. I think I have to do some changes somewere. I have this:
What should I do?
Thanks a lot for your help.
fink installed.zip (589 KB)

/opt/local/bin/perl? I guess I was wrong about where MacPorts puts things. You need to clean out /opt as well.

Have you thought about reinstalling your OS?

Oh, and fix your path to delete /usr/local.

Thanks a lot.
But now, I’ve some questions:

Ok. How I do it?

Yes, but I think it’s a drastic step. I remember that in Mac you can reinstall OS without format, but I had MacOs 10.5 and update to 10.6 (one month ago). So, I don’t know how to reinstall it. Should I reinstall 10.5 before 10.6?

I’m sorry, I know nothing about computers :blush: (only use). How can I do it?

If you don’t need it, just delete it.

I think you’re getting to the point where you need a local computer expert to help you so I don’t break things on your computer.

Thanks a lot. I think I’m going to try again with macports. :confused:
I’ll tell you.