Unable to load .sifz <bone> is missing link 0 [crashed and can't reopen file due to this error]

Please help; I just started using Synfig. The file won’t open again after it crashed; I’ve tried looking for help online but there is no clear way to get around this. Only people uploading their files and somehow getting fixed.

Whoever can do this fix; please do, I have made so much progress and I wouldn’t want to lose my work.


Hello and welcome!

The problem happened probably because you copy and pasted skeletons, and it is somehow problematic for now (since a long time ago). I hope it is fixed this year…

[technical (and bad) explanation]
The ‘magic’ solution here is to convert the sifz file in sif first, then open the sif file in a text(-plain) editor to edit the XML file and fix the GUID of the bone tags: some don’t exist.
[/technical (and bad) explanation]

Here is a ‘openable’ file:
Synfig Animation 1-.sif (1,1,MB)

A skeleton with one single bone (I believe it’s for the right leg) is now possibly wrong, you should fix it.

Whoah, thank you so much.

Is there a way to convert the file? Like a site? or a guide? Or app?

I would like to appreciate that you properly gave the title for topic and also provided the file.

I don’t think anyone has developed anything like that, as suggested by @rodolforg you can fix GUID of the bone tags.
If you are asking how to convert .sifz to .sif. ‘.sifz’ is just compressed ‘.sif’ file. You can use any software (7-zip) to decompress the file. And within it you can see the plain text file which is ‘.sif’ file.

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