Unable to Load bone_valuenode 65535 error unexpected element

Hello Creatives, I was recently working on an animation. I created the whole scene took me several hours. so I copied a character from another sifz file (I had applied bone to the character but I later deleted it). everything seem fine until I closed my work. and tried to re-open. I begin to get errors.

“Unable to Load bone_valuenode 65535 error unexpected element”

I’ve attached the file. on this topic. Someone should please help me fix it.

The sifz file is here: 343.2 KB file on MEGA


I sent you a fixed file in a private message.
The bones had to be surgically removed though.

P.S. Do not copy bones between files! It’s broken at the moment…


I really appreciate you. Thanks so much, I i’v learnt my leason