UI Redesign - User Scenarios


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1 ) Animated graphic designer

  1. Character animation creator

There are loads of uses for Synfig Studio, but off of the top of my head…

Within character animation there’s cut-out animation, where jointed rigs are created where the arms and legs are translated or rotated but the shapes don’t change unless the cut-outs are swapped with other ones. The effect is similar to animations such as “Ivor The Engine” or “Pigeon Street”.

Then there’s character animation which is tweened animation where the positions of groups of vertices on a rig are changed to create movement.

Then there’s animated graphic design - logo form-ups and so on. Very common for corporate videos and so on.

Then there’s After Effects type work - creating things like the light-sabre pen on the original Synfig Demo reel or some of the old 16mm film effects I use.

Then there’s Powerpoint type animations - if Synfig Studio had a better text tool then a number of people would use it for that. Flash was often used to create Powerpoint type presentations with extra animation and video.

Then there’s people who use Synfig for it’s original purpose - to create animated fractals.

You’re not so wrong. Original meaning of Synfig (sinfg):
Sinfg Is Not a Fractal Generator.



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