UI Redesign - params widget

param widget improvement:

more widgets will come into the above image :slight_smile:

See Also: Less digits in parameter decimals.

Looks sweet and modern!

Hi jcome,
those ideas are fantastic!

I would tell you something related to parameters widgets:
Parameters widgets (aka Value widgets) are displayed inside a TreeView widget. The TreeView uses an special class called CellRenderer which is derived by the coder to display the kind of widget appearance he wants. But the Cellrendered widgets aren’t directly editable. They holds one (or more) really editable widgets, that are displayed when the cellrenderer widget enters in edition mode.

Some of the current specialized Synfig Studio’s cellrenderer widgets needs more than one click to access to really edit the editable widget. Also, the way to get out of edition mode is sort of cumbersome (click on other treeview row)

Your specialized widgets (with the drop down etc) won’t directly replace the cellrenderer widget but the editable widget inside.

From my point of view is really annoying to need to make several clicks with the mouse to simply change a enum widget value. I really would like to have direct access (autofocus by mouse hover) editable widgets that renders well in the treeview without need to hide them inside a specialized cellrendered widget, but I’ve not found a way to do it yet.

Also, the cycle: cellrenderer enter edition mode -> start editing the editable widget ->stop edition of editable widget->get out of edition mode for the cellrenderer widget, has some kind of bug that makes complain Synfig Studio that the widget has been edited twice. You can check it by running synfigstudio in a terminal and doing some parameter edition.

I would like to fix all those needs before design more widgets with multiple mouse clicks needed for its edition.

I’m sorry to be so harsh but I better would like your mind working on fix those problems rather than introducing more user unfriendly widgets :slight_smile:

Please, I would like to read your opinion on this.

I felt same when I faced an issue when I tried to improve layer panel a bit some time ago. And found it seems impossible to fix the multi-click issue of gtk tree widget. Inkscape faces the same issue for its layer panel too. The Gimp does a good job here, its layer panel works very well, unfortunately it is not gtk tree widget but a customized widget.

My params widget redesign does’t intend to introduce multi-clikc soultion but trying to reduce multi-click. I would like to design an intuitive widgets for parameters since user heavily adjust parameters while building animations in Synfig Studio.

I will create an motion mockup for this widget designs latter on, so that I can present my idea in a more clear way. just be patient :slight_smile:

Good ideas :slight_smile: .

There is still the work of targetting the button on-screen and clicking the arrow, though. How about: when the user holds the spinner control, they can drag left or right to increment the number like Blender’s slider control. That way, there is only one click which can be initiated at any location of the spinner.

I was just thinking how tedious it would be to target the arrows with my drawing tablet.