UI : Add keyframe 'navigation' where keyframes exist


What do you think to add some keyframe actions (think specially about “seek to previous” and “next kf”) where keyframe are displayed by the graphical interface (Graph Panel and Timetrack Panel for example) ?

Maybe by adding a context menu when user click on the graphical representation of the Keyframe (brown line) …


I think that it would be better to not try to add more hidden right clicks on widgets. Also, right click on a keyframe is not a good idea because the action is time cursor dependent. If the time cursor is at 3s and there are keyframes at 2s and 5s, a “jump to previous keyframe” action would have different meaning depending on which keyframe the user right click on.

right click or not ;;;; i’m kind of tolerant ;;;; was a reflexion to add a way to access to navigation buttons … like this new idea/proposition :

Better that way :slight_smile: