Ubuntu synfig-core ./configure file failure

Trying to build synfig on Ubuntu LTS 14.04

Cloned Git repository - no problem

Built ETL - seemed to go fine

Installed libs (including boost-program-options)

Ran libtoolize and autoconfig. Both appeared to work.

run ./configure. Lots of success but ultimately fails with:

checking for boostlib >= 1.53.0… yes
checking whether the Boost::Program_Options library is available… yes
configure: error: Could not find a version of the library!

Any idea why configure fails like this? Something I need to set?



hello and welcome,

did you try like described here : wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Dev:IDE#First_build_.21 ?

Thanks d.j.a.y, I did not see that post. I now have Synfig building and running under Anjutu. I do have one remaining issue, when I choose Run->Debug Program I get an error message saying, "Are you sure you want to debug a program not using the Debug configuration? However, under Build->Configure Project the Debug configuration is selected. Any guesses why this message would come up? Is it something I can safely just ignore? Or is there some other configuration aspect I should be setting?

Thanks for your help!