Ubuntu reports a warning when installing

Hello again,

Probably is nothing but…

  • I’m in Ubuntu 15.04 (32 bits)

  • I download “synfigstudio_1.0.1-20150723_i386.deb” from the links given in the main page

  • I double click it from the downloaded directory

  • Ubuntu’s Software Center opens the file

  • I click the “install” button

  • A window message appears, reporting that Ubuntu says that Synfig have “bad quality” issues ( really… :open_mouth: Ubuntu says that )

  • The message also permits to copy and paste a text, which I’m attaching here

  • Anyway, Ubuntu let me “ignore” the warning, and I can install Synfig. Synfig works, [but some times it crashes- I reported that before, but I haven’t investigated it more, sorry]

  • I’ve tried also the package “synfigstudio_1.0.2-20150728_i386.deb”, with the same result


synfig_bad_quality.txt (60.6 KB)

Ubuntu packages in a distro are reviewed by Ubuntu maintainers to ensure quality and compatibility between libraries on the system.
It leads to old versions available in repositories and log time to review and update them.
In the other hand, Synfig’s team creates updated .deb, not reviewed, but with no side effect on your system.
Everything that is needed is installed in /opt/synfig, in order to avoid conflict with different versions of the libraries officially installed in your system.
So it is a ubuntu-version independant .deb, almost like a potable app on Windows.
But the system warns you about it, because not everyone is building .deb in a safe/independant way :wink:

No worries, it’s not a bug, nor bad quality :slight_smile:

thn’anks, (see askubuntu.com/questions/111959/w … ty-package and lintian for more information ) !

can you, please , report it in the bugtracker ?

Thanks for your comments

I’ve reported as an “enhacement”:
synfig.org/issues/thebuggeni … issues/905