Tupi on Kickstarter—Spread the Word:)

Hi everyone. I just wanted to get the word out and hopefully encourage to promote Tupi’s Kickstarter page.http://bit.ly/tupi_ks

For those of you that haven’t heard of Tupi, it’s open source 2D animation software that has a similar interface to Toon Boom and is based off of the KToon project. Currently it’s only available for Linux. With this fund-raising effort, the developers are planning to include PC and Mac versions. There’s a light version that has been created for Android and Mac where you can draw on your device and sync your illustrations to the http://tupitu.be mobile site for others to share.

What makes Tupi interesting is it’s simple user interface and their philosophy around user collaboration. They have a unique vision about artists sharing elements and working together. You can see this approach come to life in their ideas. Here’s one of their videos:

Please get the word out. Getting projects like Tupi funded helps everyone!

Happy animating!

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