Troubleshooting: drawn objects not visible?

Hi, I am totally new to Synfig, and I have problems to display drawn objects. I can see their outline, but I can’t find any way whatsoever to make strokes or fill visible, even though the object seems to have colours defined. I am wondering if this is a bug in the Windows version I am using, or is there some visibility I have unchecked somewhere? When I started out, e.g. circle tool and rectangle tool produced visible objects in correct colour, but somewhere along the way, only the outline appears.

This has become a bottleneck for me learning to use Synfig. Help greatly appreciated.

Hi, carlhungus
weird thing that sometimes happens and sometimes not.
Try to rename the synfig folder (where the configuration of synfig is stored) and re-start synfig again. It would create a new one.

Double check that the default Blend Method is set to Composite
Double check that the default Transparency for new layer is set to 100%

Hope it helps

thank you, turned out I had the blend and opacity settings wrong.
Pleasant to get that straightened out.