Troubles doing tutorial "Looping Background"


screenshooting the looping bacjground page, i don’t understand why i can do this part of the tutorial :
The animation
… Move the Origin of layer [bg 2] WB pixels in the same direction of the simulated camera panning. So if the camera pans towards the right, in our tutorial example the coordinates of [bg 2] Origin would be X = WB = 1200, Y = 0."

I have tried different ‘rational’ things but i can’t found the good WB value for the X direction to have the two bg images side by side.

  • How to found the good X in a ‘rational’ way (not adjusting manually) ?
  • Did something has change in unit system ???


That is 1200 exactly because you created the background with that dimension previously:


certainly, but i cannot do it following step by step the tutorial. setting 1200 do not put side by side my montains

Can you verify the size of the background opening it in its own window?

montain bg
w 1200 h 480
xres 72 yres 72
phy w 16.67 phy h 6.67

w 640 h 480
x res 72 y res 72
phy x 8.89 phy h 6,67

look like when the imported image/project (montainbg.sif) is scaled up .
something around the mysterious lock and links check box from oher tab?

nota : i think i have test in both “scale new imported image to fit canvas” situation.