Translators deadline for 1.4.0


I’m currently completing the last part of the translation to Italian of Synfig.
I compressed all the work in this last week because I was not sure if I was willing to take this burden as I’m already translating Inkscape and Scribus to Italian (mostly maintenance at the moment).

I have 2 questions about 1.4.0 release.

First question, is there a deadline for the translators for 1.4.0? I read somewhere that it was at the 15th of February but I’m not sure.

Second question, as we are now in string freeze, if the release is not very close, is there the possibility that the .po files get updated with the typo/non-translatable strings that were reported for 1.5.0? Or it is to late? I make this question because I have some other typos/etc. to report so it would be sad not to include them (or eventually backport them)

Thank you!

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Hi Firas! Thank you for your fixes! Yesterday I have incorporated all latest changes for strings into 1.4.0 branch and pushed them to Transifex. Because of those changes we are extending deadline till February 19th inclusively (just posted announcement for that at Transifex). Thanks again!


So if I understood correctly you updated the translation files up to this commit:

Thus we need to create a backport for v1.3.x branch before the release to correctly match the strings with the .po files as the fixes are applied only to master at the moment?
I just created a new merge request against master for other typos etc., but that needs to wait after 1.4.0 release to be backported at this point.

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There is one created already -
I just forgot to push last changes. Did that now, thanks to your reminder! ^___^

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@KonstantinDmitriev is there any plan to backport the typos fixed in master to 1.3.13? If yes I can prepare a merge request, otherwise we leave it as it is now.

Hi! Thank you for the fixes! No, I do not plan to port them to 1.3.13/1.4.0. Let’s leave them for 1.5.0/1.4.1.

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