Translations of doc, studio and screen shots

Hi there,

we have the following situation:

there might be a translation for

  • Synfig Studio (actually:synfig and synfigstudio GUIs)
  • the documentation

any mix might be existing.

As we are just having Synfig Studio translations for the Linux versions we are running into problems as soon as we have translations for Synfig Studio:

How should we handle that in the documentation?
We can only have a solution for 50% of our users (assuming 50% Windows users and 50% Linux users).
We either refer to the translated GUI (using translated terms when refering to GUI elements and translated screen shots) or to the english GUI.

I do not have a good solution for that.

The only rules I can think of are:

  • We should at least add a warning about this fact to each and every one of the pages -or- in the very beginning.
  • We should do all that consistently for all translations independantly from the languages.

Any good ideas??

The problem with the windows translation of the application is a different problem than the different speed of the translations of the application and the wiki. It is clear that the wiki should follow the same terms than the application. But there can be the case of a translated wiki without a translated application and vice-versa. If the wiki is translated but not the application, the application translator should look in to the wiki to make the conflictive words be translated the same, but in any case in my opinion, the application translation is the leader.
For the problems of the translation of the wiki when the application is translated but the translated version is not available it only refers for the screenshots. In that case the only temporary solution I can find is to do the screenshots in English or use a virtualized linux version with the native language installed and take the screenshots from it. For the English screenshots intermediate solution, a warning in the header of the page is enough.

Yes, after translated the diving into session of manual, I started synfig studio translation, suddenly I realized this kind of problem, so I have built this wiki page for Simplified Chinese translator, this page (will) lists the terms a Simplified Chinese translators should be pay attention to for a well translation of doc and app. the page is still at initial status yet.

Hi Jcome,
this is a very good idea but I would do it in the inverse way. Instead of create the and later any link in the original wiki page than mentions the dictionary is automatically translated to the proper language?

It’s better, I will do it.