Happy New Year to all Synfig users.

I would like to know how to make a smooth transition from one scene to another…

Thanks in advance


I would suggst you use some video editing software to compile all your animation scenes into a final film. As an example Kdenlive and Openshot are great open and free ones for linux.
You can do smooth transitions in them. I would not not recommend using Synfig for compiling your different clips. It can be done but it is a very clumsy tool for the task.

First, let me thank you for having taken the time to reply…
However, my OS is not linux it’s IE …so I don’t think this gonna work…have you got any suggestions for IE?

Is virtualdub an alternative? If so , how can I do it? (the transition I mean)

Thanks in advance.

Choose here: … g_software


i already have virtualdub, but i have no clue how to make a transition…can anyone help?


I think that virtualdub hasn’t got transitions. But better go to virtualdub forums and ask there. ^___^

If you haven’t got so much scenes you can easily use Synfig. Of course a video editor is more flexible, but Synfig is right for no much scenes.

Just organice your takes in this way:

  • [size=150]scene1[/size]

    • actor1
    • actor2
    • background
  • [size=150]scene2[/size]

    • actor1
    • actor3
    • background

    If you want to trans from scene1 to scene2 you can apply a alpha animation to both group. One appear and one disappear. You can control velocity of trans to make it more dinamic or more slow. You can play with the numbers of frames that the trans use, too.

    For cut-of trans, just apply a cut-of alpha to make scene1 disappear and scene2 appear.

    You can do moving trans, too. Just move the full scene that you want to appear from botton, or up, or sides. You can move the other scene to get a “push” effect.

    The other big trans is fad-out and fade-in. That can be easily do with a black box and playing with the layers alpha.

    In my short: The Ball, use the fade-out to make the transition between day and night. And, to the end, I use a transition animation (a black screen going to the ball). In that way you can do whatever trans animation that you need between two scenes. In the credits are another type os transition, too. You can see that the credits appears from bottom smoothly and disappear in up in same way.

    In my piano video where I transform a photograph into a animation I use the second type of trans slowly. I you short the frames and increase the velocity of alpha transformation you can get smoothly.

    Ah, in my short Skeet Heart full credits are fading transition between bitmap layers.

Sorry, I have been away for a while …

Thanks a lot for your exhaustive reply. :slight_smile: